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Design & Manufacturing Services

Fabrication Consultation:
Consult with customer on maximizing fabrication efficiency


Hardware Adaptation
Collaborate with the customer to incorporate new or existing hardware into product.


Tool/Machine Designs
Design, detail and build  tooling and machinery. Specify and source tooling and machine components


Fabrication dies, drill and saw fixtures, gauges, milling cutters, hand tools and weld fixtures.


Hydraulic and Pneumatic presses; single pocket and multiple pocket floor stands; bench mount presses, self contained hydraulic presses with power unit mounted in press


Milling Machines
Manual or air actuated; end of center milling; single or multiple stations.


Bending Machines
Curves thermal or standard aluminum extrusions; standard or heavy duty machine options.


Crimping/Staking Machine
Hydraulic or air actuated machine stakes corner keys, plates, hinges, etc. into window and door frames.


Centering Machine
Automatically centers frame or component in a single or multiple work station; floor stand or bench mount.


Rolling Machine
Rolls together two or more lineal components to form composite profiles, or to alter extrusion size or shape.


Drilling/Tapping Machine
Electric or air actuated single or multiple drill heads for creating holes when punching is impractical.


Custom single or multiple head saws for notching and profiling

Replacement Parts for Die Sets
Your request for any additional replacement parts supplied by us will be processed immediately. PDDI keeps up to date records of all tooling components designed in-house.

We also have an extensive line of window and door hardware manufactured right here in our shop. please see the hardware page for some of the hardware parts we can provide for you.

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